What can we do for you?
In short, everything!

Understanding each client individually is important before I am able to continue with specialised plans, after registering your interest, the next step will be for me to contact you directly, set up a meeting place and date for the initial consultation (whether it be at your home, or workplace is up to you!).

Dreams are attained
through actions, so start today!

Starting a lifestyle change from scratch is definitely a daunting task, I know from first hand experience, with my help and support, we can work together in achieving your physical and spiritual dream a reality, we provide nutrition, exercise, cooking and lifestyle practical and theoretical knowledge for those wanting to lose weight, tone up, or to get ready for that special event.

What happens at
the initial consultation?

At the consultation, we will get to know more about each other, I will understand your goals, needs and wants and introduce long and short term goals and body measurements. Through email correspondence and/or Skype calls, I will provide the specially tailored nutrition and exercise plans to you directly.

What about
subsequent visits?

Subsequent meetings will involve tackling progress tracking and covering specific issues regarding the knowledge, practicality and/or motivation aspects of this fantastic lifestyle change you will be undergoing, this can include, field trips to local supermarkets or grocery stores, workout at home demonstrations, cooking and food preparation demonstrations.